Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thursday Pain

Love Thursday! I start my day as I start every day - to the Pink Panther Theme song. Dadum, Dadum, Dadum Dadum Dadum, Dadum dadummm, dadadadadum. It works for me, makes me smile. My husband wakes up to some tune from Top Gun. Whatever works right?

The reason I love Thursday though is because it is Kane Pain Day! A little background. Kane is my Personal Trainer. I may need to get him to pose for a picture as this blog may make him famous one day. Counting my chickens here. Anyway! He puts me through a painful 30 minute session at least every Thursday and more often when I can afford it. I love it! Love the burn, love the pain for days after and love that I'm getting fitter. 

Perhaps a little more background on me. 2 years and 9 months ago I was 36 kilos heavier than I am now. I ate badly, didn't exercise and enjoyed my Red Wine (um capitals imply I still do and the implication is correct, just less frequent these days). From the age of 10 I've always been going on some diet, some fad, taking some pills, starving myself, throwing up, losing weight, putting it all plus more back on. Endless cycle of fat to thin and back to fat till I was classified obese and hating it. You've all heard this story a thousand times. This time I did something different. I joined a gym. Met Kane. Didn't follow any fad diets- just followed all the rules I've learnt along the way with some guidance from Kane. Made some amazingly supportive friends at the gym. My husband gave me unwavering encouragement and patience. Signed up for 12 week Challenges and Boot Camps and started running. I'm addicted now and there is no going back. This paragraph almost makes it sound easy. It wasn't. It was hard. I did it though. And I'm still going. 

Maybe I should give my Thursday blog a theme - Thankful Thursdays maybe?  Today I'm thankful that I met  Kane. He helped me change my life. 

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I am thankful for friends like you in my life.

    I like Thankful Thursday. Fond of naming my days; Mean Monday, Torture Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday...Friday...Hmm. Needs a name!



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