Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thankful Thursday #15

So my first blog for the year and it seems fitting to start with a Thankful Thursday. Last day of January too. Already. Time, she sure does fly fast.

In only my second post on this blog, and the beginnings of my Thankful Thursday posts, I expressed my thanks in the direction of my PT Kane. Today this Thankful Thursday post and my first post for 2013 is dedicated to him.

I'm blessed to have so many supportive, inspiring, positive, loving people in my life. So many people who lift me up, make me laugh and who are just ever present- even when I can't see them. I'm thankful to so many. While they all enrich my life and make my world a sun shiny place there are only a handful who I would credit with changing my life (for the better always). I'll not mention the others now - they know who they are I hope - but Kane is one of those people.

When I first met Kane, getting close to 2 years ago now, I looked like this:

Now I look like this:

I know Kane will say 'You did the work Jay!' and yes, yes, OMG, yes I did the work but Kane made all the difference. I've had PTs before and they would do their job and train me hard in the gym but that's pretty much where it ended for them. Not with Kane - his PT package come with that extra personal touch. The  phone calls, text messages, pep talks, high fives, hugs, checking of my food diary but most importantly it's his consistently positive energy. It vibrates off him and infects everyone around him. He is one of the voices in my head that pushes me when I'm training on my own, that stops me having that slice of bread, that chocolate or when I need to run to the top of a steep hill and I've been running for kilometres already. I've many voices in my head, belonging to many supportive people - all are needed at different times.

Two years after meeting Kane I am not just thinner or fitter, I am transformed. He changed my life by helping me getting fitter, thinner, healthier and happier. I really feel like Super Jay now. I'm very thankful to Kane. Always will be.

Kane is setting off to travel for 6 months. Off to infect America, Europe and Africa. I'm going to miss him.  I've been infected enough times by his positivity that I think the Kane virus will run forever through my veins! Happy Travelling Dawg! See you in 6 months.


  1. You are Phenomenal Jeanine Absolute Determination, Vision and Perseverance. With all of that and the Support and Encouragement you received you made Your Goal.


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