Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Searching for Sugarman

As I write this I'm listening to an artist who has been with me in every significant stage of my life so far. It's a fact. A Cold Fact. I think every South African reading this has probably just guessed who this artist is. The astounding thing for me is that outside of South Africa, when I do reveal his name, most will still not know of him. His name: Rodriguez. Sixto Rodriguez.

My husband and I recently watched a documentary entitled 'Searching for Sugarman' . One of the most amazing Music Documentaries I've seen. I highly recommend it and not just for South Africans. I reckon every Music loving soul will feel uplifted by this story. I won't give away any of the story because the film will take you on a journey you need to go on. Someone once told me about another band that to really appreciate them, to understand their music, to connect with them, I needed to discover them for myself.  He was right and not just about that band. It is hard when you are passionate about something not to want to tell the world, make them see what you see, make them love it like you do. Yet, don't you always tend appreciate the things you find yourself just a bit more? Every kid wants to say "I found it first" or "I said it first" don't they? As adults I think we do too. So I'm going let you all watch it first. 

It confounds me that while I have carried his album, Cold Fact, with me through my entire life, this man is virtually unknown outside of South Africa. My Dad had it in his album collection and we would giggle at the line 'I wonder how many times you've had sex and I wonder if you know who'll be next'. It featured on my end of school holidays with friends - singing 'Sugarman' at the top of our drunken lungs from a moonlight beach. I played it for my flatmates in London - had to give them a break from my own out of tune singing. And now, it is here with me in Australia. 
Maybe this movie will change that. I hope so. Rodriguez should be heard. 


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