Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thankful Thursday #6

I've been in some sort of trance most of today. Woke up and felt instantly thankful to my Husband that he had been so thoughtful as to pass along a small taster of the cold and flu thing he's been delighted with all week. I really do enjoy a headache and sore throat - means I get to overdose on Olive Leaf Extract and other forms of Vitamin C and headache killing drugs. I am most thankful that they seem to have decided not to linger longer. One to Olive Leaf Extract -  Zero to Sore Throat. 

I am thankful to Kane for telling me I looked like I was glowing this morning while he was attempting to break me. Clearly sore throats and sweating through Pyramid sets makes me glow. Yes, I said glow.
I am thankful I didn't let him break me. Pyramid sets are hard but in an awesome kind of way.

I'm thankful that tomorrow is Friday. 

What are you thankful for today? 

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  1. I am thankfull that my lovely little Tyrone (neices baby) is doing so well on his new formula goats milk. He is such a happier baby now and to is glowing

    Also thankfull that my knee is OK and still holds me up.


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