Monday, 3 December 2012

Hit me with some Inspiration!

I've been toying with an idea for a while of having a regular blog post dedicated to someone who inspires me for whatever reason it may be. I started a list and it grows daily. Today I read this quote on Pinterest and it made me think of someone. Today I dedicate this blog to her: Heidi Dawson, my artist, you inspire me.  We met in London. 1996. Both long-time residents of a Backpackers Hostel in Shepherd’s Bush. It took us a while to become friends though. Both Observers so we circled around each other for a while. Hung out with the rest of the pack. We did though. We ended up living in the same house in Stratford and that’s pretty much all I can say about that. Purple teeth :) Whatever happened in the house in Eleanor Road, stays in the memories of those who lived or visited there. If they still have a memory. Heidi used to do this thing that… I’ll never tell.

We’ve been friends ever since. Sometimes going years without seeing or speaking to each other. Then there’d be surprise visits to South Africa, trips to Australia to play bridesmaid and we must not forget the many, many drunken phone calls. Her never worrying about the time difference, me afraid to answer the phone. We’re the pick up where you left off kind of friends.I digress. I meant only to tell you about how this woman inspires me, not get all gushy and take a wander down Memory Lane. For as long as I’ve known Heidi (almost 17 years, really?) I remember her drawing. In London she drew mostly beautiful women. I remember when I came out to Australia to be one of her Bridesmaids she had an art room in the house she was living in. The room with the most light I think it was, only the easel in the middle of it. She never showed off her talent though. Unless I happened to catch her doing it or she’d left a creation unattended for a moment, I’d never have known. Then she stopped. For years. Until, on a trip to London, she met up with my little brother for a drink. My brother is a remarkable young man and one day this blog will be dedicated to him. I’m not sure what he said but she returned to Australia with the spark reignited and picked up her artistic tools again. The spark has become a fire and it burns with passion in her eyes when she speaks of her art.So privately talented and unaffected by her brilliance, it has taken a small army of close friends and relatives to convince her to start showing the world her masterpieces. She took a giant leap forward and created a Facebook page to show some of her work. She hopes to start selling her work soon and some of the proceeds will go towards a Charity close to her heart in Zimbabwe.

Every time I see one of her pieces I am blown away. She inspires me to work at my own craft. Let’s pretend for a moment I can see the future. I see great things awaiting my talented friend. I see her getting the recognition she deserves. I see happiness and contentment as she lives her dream and gets to do what she loves every day. I see grand, sold out exhibitions. So, as I can’t really see the future, I will wish these things for her instead.If you do only one thing today, go click on her Facebook page and hit that Like button.

Heidi, never stop doing what you love in the way you do it. Below is just one example of what she does. It is one of her recent Scratchboard creations. 

Copyright 2012 Heidi Dawson Artist 


  1. Nini.......wonderful words (as usual), you too are an inspiration you know..!

    1. Thanks Mike, you are too kind :)

    2. Good on you Hudge, told you you have real talent. Best wishes Uncle Linda.


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