Thursday, 13 December 2012

Thankful Thursday # 13

Firstly sorry I've been gone a while - I have been unable to write or edit any of my posts for over a week now. It has been driving me insane and moments came where I considered moving to Wordpress. I'm thankful to be back online

It is my favourite time of year. Besides the obvious stuff that I love about it there is one thing I love the most. I love how people seem to soften and seem kinder, more patient, more charitable towards their fellow man. Of course, there are still those who prefer to be Grinches and bah humbug the whole season but maybe they just need a hug.

Today I think I have to be thankful for all the people who make it their mission to make the lives of other people better. My Mother, a prime example of such a person, sent me some photos recently of a Children's Christmas Party she helped organise. My Mother, through her Rotary club, has helped set up this Children's Day Care Centre which is in the middle of an informal settlement near where I grew up. I'll write more about this place and the amazing things that are happening there one day. For now I just want you to look at the faces of the children in the collage below. These are children who come from the poorest families. Families who wouldn't have the money to spend on presents for their children at Christmas time. In fact, Christmas is probably like any other time of the year except maybe they get a Christmas box from work and a few, hopefully, paid days off work. Are you looking at the faces of these children? The happy-and-excited-about-their-one- present-in-the- brightly-coloured-paper-faces. Pure joy! Children are children. These children will see through old eyes far too young but this Christmas they got to be children. Beautiful, happy children. I'm thankful that these faces made me cry and made me smile in one moment. Ngiyabonga! Thank-you!

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