Monday, 5 November 2012

Never, ever give up!

I'm feeling reflective. I've been told a few times over the last few months that I'm inspiring. I've got to admit it does make a girl feel good but I'm terrible at receiving compliments. I like to hang around in the background and do my thing quietly. I have tried to surround myself with people who inspire me though. There is no shortage of these people either. They pop up just when I need them. It is perhaps telling that these creatures who inspire me most have not done so by standing on a stage commanding my attention, they haven't collected accolades, nobody is throwing rose petals at their feet or laying out the red carpet treatment for them. They are the ones that are just doing their thing every day and getting results. I am inspired by their example.

Saturday morning our 12 week Challenge came to an end. A bitter sweet one. Part of me was elated to have reached the end of a pretty intense 12 weeks. I achieved my goal so felt so good. But (you felt that coming right?) another part of me - and I think this was shared by other Challengers - felt a little lost once I got back home. Most of us put so much into the 12 weeks, even if we normally train hard and eat clean in these 12 weeks you push harder, eat leaner and become very goal focused. I do anyway. I think it is because they take your photo, your measurements and test your fitness whereas in your normal day to day training it is between you and your mirror, scales, measuring tape and maybe your PT's too. These Challenges work well for me because I am good at getting focused when I have a goal I'm working for and especially when there is a time limit. I work well under pressure. I also love the bonds I form with other Challengers and seeing the way they transform over 12 weeks. 

There is one particular lady at our gym that I've become friends with over the past few months. Linda walked into the gym 13 months ago and started training with Kane. She weighed 167 kgs. On Saturday she stood on the scales at the gym in her swimming togs and the number that flashed before her: 66.6 kgs. She has lost 100.4 kgs in 13 months. Amazing! How? By training hard every day, eating healthy and never, ever giving up or making excuses. She is one gutsy lady and I'm so proud to know her. Now she is inspirational. 

I'll admit I ate a Boerewors roll and had me some Ben and Jerry's on the weekend - they tasted so good. Today I woke up with a food hangover and went to my normal Early Monday morning RPM class on my Forty. Today I just keep doing what I've been doing for the last 12 weeks. Why stop or slow down when you love it? I have a new goal and it has a time limit : December 1st. Just in time for Summer and Christmas. 

Get moving and never, ever, give up!

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