Thursday, 8 November 2012

Thankful Thursday #10

Perhaps I should warn you all I'm about to get a little mushy and sentimental. 
Today I am so very thankful that 12 years ago (well give or take a few days) the man who stole my heart got off a plane at what was still at the time called Johannesburg International Airport - after a long flight from Brisbane. 

Everything I'm thinking about this man, about us, sounds like a clich√©. He is my best friend and sometimes frustratingly knows me better than I know myself. He makes me smile every day. He gives the best hugs. He supports my gym obsession. He knows how to make me laugh when I don't want to. He has this way of saying and seeing the simplest of things in a most unique way that makes me think of these simple things in a new way, and I love that. He makes me more adventurous. He makes me want to make him happy. He is thoughtful and kind. He is so humble and so unaware of how just how talented he is that I have to brag for him. Sometimes I just love to watch him from a distance and think 'he is mine.' I could spend hours listing the things I love about him. He knows that I do though and that's perfect. 

I know we were meant to be. I know we will always be. It's only been 12 years and we still have a lifetime and then an eternity.


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