Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thankful Thursday #11

Today I'm thankful for the memories. I have so many good memories to draw on when I need to remember how blessed my life has been.

Watching Dirty Dancing for probably the hundred and tenth time recently took me back to so many different times of my life. See what I did there? I was only in Primary school when it came out. I can still recite most of the lines verbatim which may be a little annoying when I watch it with others. A few large Dirty Dancing posters hung on my walls. My favourite : a close-up of Patrick (yes we were on a first name basis) that hung just above my bed.

Every Primary school disco, birthday party or class party was not complete without a Dirty Dancing competition. Every boy tried to mimic the last scene where Johnny beckons Baby with a smouldering look and a nod of his head. We were wild I tell you.
High school Slumber parties always included watching Dirty Dancing. Even in my adult life a girls' night in with pizza and wine had to include watching Dirty Dancing.

A life without memories would be unimaginable. I suppose if you forgot the yesterdays and all your todays brought you a clean slate you'd never have to remember the bad times. There would be no tomorrow. Yet you'd lose all the good too. No ties that bind you, the unbreakable bonds you forged through every childhood adventure, through surviving all your teenage misadventures and all the adult paths you are yet to take. Gone. I say cherish the memories. Protect them, store them and remember, remember, remember to live every moment so you want to recall it.

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