Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bye Bye Winter

I can officially declare Winter is over. Yes, I'm aware that I do not wield the kind of power to decide that it shall be cooler or warmer. Cape or no cape. Yet. Imagine if I did. Awesome, let's do that.

I could wake up in the morning and decide how I want the weather to be based on what my plans are for the day or perhaps on what I want to wear. The possibilities are endless. I could even take requests, for a small donation of course. Every girl wants perfect weather on her wedding day.  Every child in a hot country wishes just once the could have a white Christmas. Every holiday maker wishes they had to be stranded for a few more days because a mysterious weather condition is preventing planes from taking off - yet the weather on the ground is perfect. The list could be endless. The possibilities revolutionary.
That kind of power actually sounds like way too much responsibility. I guess with all great power comes great burden. I'd be hounded day and night. This would not end well. I'd have to lose the cape and find a wig, a moustache (every disguise needs a moustache) and a quirk - like a twitchy eye or a limp. The best disguise is sometimes when every notices you and therefore does not suspect you.

Anyway, the actual reason why I declare Winter to be over is because I went for a swim today. I do not swim in Winter so my powers of deduction deducted:

Swim + Super Jay ≠ Winter.

The End.

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