Monday, 24 September 2012

Once and for all

Hello Monday! Start of a promising new week. Much must be accomplish. One of my favourite quotes from Alice in Wonderland is when Alice says to the Hatter: 'This is impossible' and he responds with: 'Only if you believe it is.'

If I think back over the last few years I could probably list a few things that I never thought I would achieve, that I just thought would be impossible for me. Running especially. I used to say: 'I'll never run, just not built for it, hate it, can't do it.'  and now I'm training to run my first 21km race.

That's only a small example. Made it to the halfway mark for the 12 week Challenge on Saturday. It got me thinking back to the last time I got to the halfway mark on a Challenge. I had different goals then: Wedding Day goals mostly. It gave me a big thing to focus on. This time my big thing is getting to my final goal, once and for all. To getting to the end of this journey, once and for all. To be the fittest, strongest and leanest I've ever been, once and for all. This is my 'Once and for all' Challenge.

At times these last few kilos have seemed like the impossible dream but I refuse to believe it. I am going to get to my final goal in the next 6 weeks. I am just going to do it. To quote Alice again: 'It's no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.'

I wish you all a fabulous week of great things - whatever you want those things to be just let them and they will be.
I leave you with the quote below from one of the wisest of men:

Nelson Mandela
 Thanks Pinterest!

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  1. I am digging your Super Jay Awesomeness powers. Good luck babes, you can do it! I feel a jol around the corner.


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