Saturday, 1 September 2012

Ssssshhhh Spring is springing!

Music, can't live without it. Listening to a bit of BB King right now. Feeling groovy. Feeling happy. Got my feet tapping and revived my tired self. Thanks BB!

Spring is officially here - she arrived with a Cool Breeze in Cleveland this morning. I thought it rather unsporting of her considering how eagerly her arrival's been anticipated. Perhaps Winter isn't quite ready to leave and decided to linger with a Cool Breeze. Ever notice how we tend to personify the sunny, happy months of Spring and Summer as females and Winter and Autumn as males. Or do I just do that? 
Nevertheless I'm hoping Mr Cool Breeze feels he made his point and departs before tomorrow morning when I shall wake before dawn to run in the 10km Bridge to Brisbane race.

I'm so pumped and excited about this race! I ran it for the first time last year. The first time I ran that far. The first time I ran in any sort of race since primary school. The first time I felt amazing after a run. This year I'm different. I'm fitter, slightly faster and a regular runner these days. I've set myself a goal of running the 10km in 60 minutes or less. Last year I did it in 75 minutes. I'm not a fast runner. I've built up my endurance but speedy I am not. I've accepted that. Doesn't mean I don't want to improve - if you stop improving or stop striving to achieve great and better things then where is the challenge? If it isn't challenging is there any point to doing it? 
Lying in bed would not be challenging. I'd be warm and rested but I'd be fat and unfit. The choice is obvious to me. Watch this space, I will report on  my success tomorrow. 

Signing off now. Going off my head to Belle & Sebastian's 'You're just a baby'. Feeling eclectic tonight. 

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