Friday, 28 September 2012

Handstand Shenanigans!

Yesterday I read the Facebook Status of a friend of mine who it would seem has taken up CrossFit. - if you don't know what that is Google it, it looks like an intense workout and I'm going to try it one day, soon. Anyway the status read: 'Handstands are not my forte!'  I don't know about you all but the last time I attempted a handstand I was probably about 13 and I wasn't very good at them then. But the Idea was planted.
'A handstand hey? Mmmm, do I dare?' 
I didn't dare, not at first. The Idea grew and it got a voice. Just a tiny one like it came from a fairy sitting on my shoulder.
'A handstand could be fun.' And that was all. I went to bed and in my dream I wasn't just handstanding, oh no sirree Bob, I was cartwheeling. Then I woke up. Did I dare try? I went to RPM without dwelling on it but during track 6 - while I was happily shaking what my Momma gave me - the Idea made a guest appearance. The voice was louder more like a cheerleader (actually may have been the voice of my RPM instructor Commander Ally)
'You could definitely do a handstand! Just do it!'
I don't like to disobey Ally so her voice in my head was the push I needed. I left with the intention of trying it. Later. Later came and I stood in my bedroom - no way I was trying this outside. Handstand up against a wall - how hard can that be right? I couldn't do it. I tried a few times and it just wasn't happening. I gave up and went back to the gym instead.
Still the Idea persisted. In fact, the Idea formed the Handstand Idea Support Group. Ally's voice was joined by more voices all offering advice. It was a noisy affair in my head - I think they had wine.
'Probably just your technique, try again.'  Totally! My technique is non existent.
'See if you can find a You Tube video to remind you how it's done' Cheeky! I have a good memory.
'Lose your fear of falling, hurting yourself and give in to the motion.'  Interesting. I was afraid I'd fall.
On and on these thoughts came, the HISG were a persistent lot.

There is a happy ending. The Handstand Idea Support Group has been disbanded. Their mission was accomplished. Shortly before I began to write this blog I decided to give The Handstand another attempt. First attempt fail, second attempt fail, third attempt we gained some momentum and with that confidence. And I am very happy to announce that on my fourth attempt I, Super Jay, did my very first Handstand in about 23 years!
And now I can't stop doing them. Use it or lose it they say. Well I'm going to do Handstands till I can't no more.

Go on, I dare you!  It feels awesome!

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