Monday, 3 September 2012

I'm talking about good vibrations!

Monday almost done and I haven't even told you all about my Sunday yet. Grand Success that it was! I didn't quite crack the 60 minute time I wanted but 61 minutes and 50 seconds isn't too far off. I'm taking it as a success! If only because I improved on my time from last year by around 14 minutes. I'm rounding up, I think, but only because that's too much maths for my brain at this time on a Monday night.  Personal best!

Enough about the numbers and the records - it's the experience that is so uplifting. Lining up with a few friends and 30 odd thousand strangers before Sunrise to run 10 kms is something I'd have called crazy just a couple of short years ago. I'm happy to call myself crazy. People come in all shapes to run. They come dressed as sandwiches - dangerous when running amongst hungry 12 week Challengers - Koalas, superheros,  mask wearers and, of course, we cannot forget the obligatory Storm Trooper. Every event needs a Storm Trooper. 
Must be thousands of different reasons why all these people find themselves freezing at the start line on a crisp Spring morning. Must be so many inspirational stories in that crowd every year. I think it is that energy, that underlying positive vibration that makes the Bridge to Brisbane such a totally awesome experience for me. It leaves me on a high for days afterwards. 30000 positive vibrations flying around how can you not be soaring? It makes me forget how far I'm running, distracts me and propels me to that finish line. In fact, this year like last year I felt I could keep running. That doesn't happen on my normal training runs. I wish I could bottle that energy. Spray it like a sweet perfume on me and everyone that surrounds me everyday. Needless to say I need my next fix and not sure I can wait till next year. 

Check out picture below. Yes, as usual, my eyes are closed in this photo but it was 5:30am on a Sunday - can you blame me?

Me with the Fit Stuff Crew - Bridge to Brisbane 2 Sept 2012 ( )

Catch you tomorrow

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