Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thankful Thursday # 2

Thursday came around mighty quick. After many thoughts one thought keeps popping back in to override the others. I spend so much time focussing on all the big, bold things in my life that I've to be thankful for that I'm forgetting to simply appreciate all the little things.

Today I'm declaring that I am thankful for all the little things. Everyday is filled with so many little things and I hardly notice them today I've taken notice:
  • I am thankful for my good morning hug and kiss from my husband - I'm beautiful in the morning. 
  • Ever so grateful for my first perfect cup of coffee - yes, I need my coffee in the morning. 
  • For my car starting happily.
  • For the friendly smile from a stranger at the gym.
  • For the wave from a friend.
  • For the high five from Kane after trying to break me this morning.
  • For my second perfect cup of coffee with my hard earned breakfast. I've mentioned how much I do love breakfast.
  • My long, hot shower.
  • The clothes that hang a little looser on me. 
  • For the hot sun and the cool breeze.
  • 100% mark on a chapter test. 
  • The sweet message from a friend. 
  • The smell of clean washing when you open the machine. 
  • The sounds of sirens heading away from me. 
  • My favourite song playing when I turned on my radio.
  • This feeling I have right now. A peacefulness, a serenity - possibly the desire to have a long, undisturbed nap.  

These are my little things so far today and I'm only just passed halfway. Life is awesome! 
I leave you with the words of one Ferris Bueller: 'Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.' 

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  1. Awesome Jay.... I am thankful for being on this side of the grave and most importantly having friends who have welcomed me back... Thanks Jay


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