Monday, 17 September 2012

Just another Manic Monday!

Knowing well enough Monday is a day I battle to get motivated a few months ago I started giving myself a kick start with a 5:45am RPM class. I still fight with myself every Monday. New me versus Old me. Old me never wins anything lately. Thankfully New me is so awesome that Old me holds no grudges. In fact I think Old me has a girl crush on New me. Well I would if I were the Old me.

Anyway. The kick start works. It sets my whole week off on the right foot - which is a good foot for me to start on as it is so much stronger than my left. I should stop trying to make jokes on a Monday. It is my least funny day of the week. By Friday I'm hilarious!
This week I need to shake things up a little. Saturday marks the halfway point for the 12 week Challenge. I'm a little excited, a little nervous. I've been working hard but I'm thinking it is a good week to try something new, to add something into the mix, just add that little extra spice. I want to be sure when I'm standing on those awful scales I did everything possible up to that point to get good results.

I found one of my mantra's on Pinterest today. I've only just started using Pinterest and I'm worried it may become another addictive Procrastination tool. So much to look at and time goes. Poof! Gone forever and what have I gained? Well it does make me a little happier. I think that is because I'm yet to find anything negative on there. It's all light, bright, cheerful and amusing.

I leave you for today with the note below. Thanks Pinterest.  This is my aim for the week.

Pinned Image

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