Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Let's play!

I'm absolutely shattered! Just burned around 1200 calories with a bonus Kane Pain session followed up with an awesome Step Class. I'm actually quite impressed that I'm able to type considering what young Mister Kane put my upper body through tonight.

I let my Inner child come out and play at gym tonight. Every time they launch a new round of Les Mills programs at the gym we normally have some sort of theme class - wear pink, green, purple - you get the idea. This time red the colour but the theme was Super Heroes. One of the ladies in the class decided to get her Mom to make some of us black capes with our names on them. Put a bunch of adult women in capes and they turn into giggling adolescents or maybe even pre-adolescents in my case. Loved it!

I know everyone at some point wishes they could be a kid again. If I count the amount of times I've heard someone say 'I'd love to go back to school knowing what I know now' or even one friend who said she'd go back knowing what she knew then just for the social side and the relatively worry free existence we had back then. The first one I don't understand. The second one I get.

I liked the feeling of the cape. The feeling you can play pretend and not care a sausage. People looked and mostly they smiled. I reckon half of them were thinking, 'Aw a cape, I wish I had a cape!'
And me I wanted to say just one thing to them: 'Naaaa naa, nun naaa naa!'

So it's official. Super Jay has her very own cape. Look out Cleveland I may wear mine to go running.

Off you go now, go play.

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  1. LOL,

    I was bored an thought to myself, lets see if I can find a pic of the caped step girls, so I type in "super jay" and look who I found..



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