Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Waking up from the Dream... do you always want to?

We watched the movie Inception last week for the second time. It's one of those movies I believe you need to watch a few times to fully understand all the intricacies in the plot. Or is that just me?
The watching, of course, leads to lengthy discussions with lots of 'what if' and 'can you imagine...' scenarios. Last night my husband began one such discussion. Can you imagine if you woke up right now and the last 3 years had just been a dream? What would you do?
My initial gut response: 'I think I would scream for about an hour and then probably run and jump off the balcony.'
Thinking about that response afterwards made me feel a little silly. Firstly there would be no balcony because we wouldn't be living in Australia yet and secondly, even if I did jump off the balcony of our house I'd probably only twist an ankle. We are only one flight up! Silly me.

Seriously though I do think I would go into shock and maybe even lose my mind. My life is so different now. I look so different now. 3 years ago, 3 long years ago. We would have been on holiday in Italy, staying with my little brother and about to get engaged. I would have been in paradise.

I would have been enjoying this.

I would be very happy and loving my holiday. When I got back to our flat in Edinburgh and saw the photos, I would have seen me looking like this.

Don't get me wrong, these were good times in my life. Very good times. My life is so very different from 3 years ago I wonder how different it will be in another 3 years. I guess time will tell.

So what would do if you woke up 3 years ago? Where would you be?


  1. Hmmmm interesting....I think if I was to wake up and the last 3 years had been a dream. I would want to make my dream come true. Xxx


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