Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tired Tuesday

I woke up exhausted - one of those nights when I pretty much spent all of my dreams working out. Yup, I said working out. I moved from one gym class to the next all night long. I believe I did an RPM, a Bodystep, a Bodyattack and Bodypump class before training with Kane (though he didn't look like Kane he look like Arnie with blonde dreads - really random). Followed up with a session on the Xtrainer before running home though not without stopping to swim a few laps on the way. The whole time one goal kept my focus. I must get everything done before the Pink Panther theme song starts playing. Friends, family and total strangers cheered me along all the way too, which is always nice. Thanks to those of you who made an appearance. Been a while since I saw some of your faces.

I've been told I exercise in my sleep before. I dream I'm in RPM class all the time. I've woken myself up from pedalling in my bed too or my husband did because I kicked him doing it. Oops! Last night took it to another level. I've been shattered all day.

I like to dream. Tonight I'm hoping to find myself lying on a beach listening to the sea. Tomorrow I can wake up refreshed and with a golden brown tan. I'd be happy with that. 

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